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The Relaxation Experience – An App-Based Powerful Relaxation System

Using technology to find new ways for relaxation is not something new, but now, with the use of powerful mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, this initiative can be elevated to a brand new level. The Relaxation Experience is a mobile device app designed for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch, which operate [...]

Esna Agenda: Make Your Remote Meetings and Collaborations Easy and Stress-Free

Daily meetings are an integral part of your day-to-day work pattern. This is why as much as possible, you shouldn’t have to put up with hassles that, more often than not, cause you to be late for the said meetings, or worse, not be able to attend them at all. For instance, is it really [...]

Redbooth: Innovating Speed, Communication, and Mobility in Today’s Workplace

Project management software are all the buzz nowadays, due to the way that they are clearly revolutionizing the way teams can easily work together in any time or place. However, very few are actually able to serve as a sole place from which a team can work, chat, and share files. And, the app, which [...]

Dynetix Fitness – A Brilliant Exercise Tracking Device

Dynetix Fitness is one of those applications that clearly show how far has technology advanced the area of fitness and exercise, especially when it comes to measuring activity. What was once the privilege of only the top athletes and sports competitors is now accessible to anyone using an iPhone or an Apple Watch. Available on [...]

Phil’s Fishin – The iPhone App That Lets You Fish and Join a Tournament to Win $$100

Against any other physical activities, fishing is one activity that is not just recreational but is beneficial too for one’s mind and body. The thrill that fishing offers enthusiast is so good that doing it as part of your staying-fit routine is a good form of exercise. But while the actual act of fishing is [...]

LinkCard: Easily Store and Update Your Business Cards Anywhere Through Your Mobile Device

If you have saved the business card of a particular business, yet a good amount of time has already since you did so, your first instinct probably is to wonder whether the information is still accurate, right? Practically the same problem is faced by business owners, who have to go through the lengths of printing [...]

HelloTalk: Learn Over 100 Languages Firsthand from Your Phone or Tablet

Have you always wanted to learn a new language but have always been held back by the usual alibis like “I haven’t really got time to attend an actual class” or “I heard from this friend or other that language classes can be really expensive, etc.”. Well, with HelloTalk, those same alibis no longer apply [...]

Amino – A Next Generation Social Networking App

Creating a new and interesting social network that can draw users is anything but an easy task. But, it appears that the development team from the FutureScope Company managed to pull this off and make a social networking app that can be an equal rival to all current giants from the same field. Their app [...]

Budget Sense – The Ultimate Tool for Personal Finance Management

Managing personal finance has always been a daunting task, mainly because of the multitude of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Now, mobile devices can change this for good because they are practically always with their users, no matter where they go or what they do. If a mobile device is combined with [...]

Sozial Connect: All Social Accounts in One Place

Sozial Connect is a new iPhone app designed for those who are tired of following all social media accounts separately. What it does is to provide users with a gateway to following multiple social networks, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. The app is capable of following everything, from new uploads to friends’ shares and recommendations. [...]