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Test Your Planning Skills with Jumpin’ Cubes!

I love playing games, and when I find a gaming app that kindles my interest I have got to try it right away! Jumpin’ Cubes is a lovely board game created on the gaming strategy of the legendary C64 classic. I was surprised to know that the game has been programmed by the same person [...]

Super Japanese Crosswords: A Fun and Educative Game for iOS

The best mobile game is one that has extensive reach, constant usage, challenges one’s mental prowess, titillates the senses, and eats up free time excitingly. Some will declare that the description pretty much sums up the Super Japanese Crosswords games. Considering the positive touts the games has been attracting ever since its release in February [...]

Kill Goblins to Become the Defender of the Wood!

I was looking for an interesting action game and I found Defender of the Wood by Daragh Robert Wickham. The game is very easy to play and keeps me occupied and satisfied for most parts of the day. The game is about a bunch of goblins that have occupied the forest of the realm, and [...]

Bonfire Trail: Help Woby Follow the Trail of Fire to Find Layla!

It was a Saturday and I was looking for something fun to do when I found an app named Bonfire Trail, which is an international award-winning game by Funbox Media for Green Lava Studios. The game is about two cute meteors, Woby and his girlfriend Layla, who are lost in the Chuba forest. The gameplay revolves [...]

Reminder & Countdown free: Keep Track of Important Days in Your Life

My mind is like a sieve and I constantly forget things. Yes, it happens more often than not. Most of the time the date is pretty clear to me, but the point is I forget that that particular day is the day. Last year I remembered that my anniversary was coming up in 10 days [...]

Be Safe and Keep Your Loved Ones Safe with IProtectYou

I work as a journalist and my kind of job puts me in all sorts of problems. Though my parents would prefer me to take a job that’s less risky, I like to prove the fact that a woman is capable of many things and gender doesn’t make a difference. There have been times when [...]

SyncSmart: A Smart App For Contact Backup

Many users have already been familiar with the situation in which contacts are lost. This can happen due to many reasons, either due to data corruption, replacement of SIM card, virus infection and so on. Fortunately, a new app which goes by the name SyncSmart aims to solve all these problems. The app is designed [...]

Three Crush: Quality Puzzle Game for iOS

The Three Crush app is designed to suit both the iPad and iPhone. It is a game app that has special features that are endearing with tactical skills. It is categorically a puzzle game that has the power to develop the thinking faculty of the player. The ultimate goal of the puzzle is to crush [...]

Collect Information on Music Events in 32 Countries using Live Music Map

I just love listening to music, and I am not too particular on the type of music being played, as long as it makes me snap my fingers and slap my thighs. Recently I found an app named Live Music Map by Apperdashery LLC. The app gives you information on live music events that are [...]

Line of Defense Tactics: Fight Top Secret Operations with Your GALCOM Squad

Well, I am just going to have to go ahead and say it out loud, Line of Defense Tactics is one of the best action games that I have played. The app has been introduced by 3000AD, Inc. I had been hearing a lot about the app and wanted to check it out for myself. [...]