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Ninflated: Train Yourself to Be a Ninja!

I found a game called Ninflated on the App Store while I was looking for something exciting to play. Ninflated is a game based on Ninja training where you float around in a bubble trying to take control of your moves. The app can help you test your memory and reflexes. Ninflated has been introduced [...]

Help Kids Learn to Read with Lemon Tree!

I was filled with excitement when I started using Lemon Tree. Created by The Lemon Tree Book Company, this interesting app gives you a whole lot of interactive books for children. I downloaded the app for my twins as they love to read a bedtime story every night. I have a three-year-old son and daughter, [...]

Discover Apps for Your City, Country & Trip with AppsMapper

I was taking a casual look through a list of apps the other day when I caught sight of AppsMapper. Developed by AppsSearcher, the app can be used to find the best apps for your iPhone and iPad, and its searches are location-specific. Depending on the place that you live or are planning to visit, [...]

Best Gin Rummy: Play Rummy for Free against Artificial Intelligence!

I found a new card game called Best Gin Rummy for my iPhone. Developed by Kuralsoft, the app features a popular two-player card game (Rummy) that has been cleverly modified and brought to your smartphone, giving you an even better experience with its visually appealing game layouts, and effects. What makes the game unique is [...]

Defense 39 iPhone App – As Real as It Gets

One of the most highly rated iPhone apps found in iTunes today, Defense 39 takes you in the battle field with its strategic game, great graphics and awesome features. Defense 39 takes you in the battle field, taking the defensive position and pitting you against dozens of enemies. It takes place in September 1939, when [...]

Flipping Dice: Match the Dice in a Row to Win Points

I found an awesome app on the App Store and thought I’ll share my experience with you. The app is called Flipping Dice and it has been introduced by Gary Stout. The app offers a new take on match 3 games. When I first looked at the game, it seemed easy, but I later realized [...]

Capture Those Special Moments in Your Life on STEP Journal

I run my own business and take care of my family single-handedly. I have two teenage sons, and a two-year-old daughter. I lost my husband to an accident a few years ago, and the responsibility of the family and the business now rests on my shoulders. As a mother of three children, there are so [...]

Get Fast & Accurate Translations by Real People using Flitto!

I have been in the music business for years and my job deals with getting information in as many ways as possible on pop stars, their songs, and their albums. I literally go fishing on the Internet through Facebook posts, Twitter posts, messages from fans on fan clubs, images, recordings and so on and so [...]

Feel-A-Maze: Wonderful Gaming App for iPhone Users

Most favorite apps today are used for games and entertainment. Individuals are looking for the best iPhone and iPad games to keep them entertained at all times. Feel-A-Maze is a good game Apple device owners can play with their devices. Developed by Five Archers Corporation, Feel-A-Maze is an arcade game that may look like others. [...]

BOTO the Pink Dolphin 2 for iPhone: An Educational App For Ever Kid

BOTO the Pink Dolphin 2 for iPhone is an educational game intended for children and toddlers who want to polish their skills and progress faster through the aid of such program. This concept is not new to the market, although the program is developed by experts in child education to such mean that it is [...]