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MixTunes – A New and Versatile Playlist Editor and Music Player App

From the first moment the MixTunes app is used, it is clear that this player and playlist editor intended to provide its users with a new way of managing music on their mobile device. Made by Byte Orbit development team, the app requires an iOS operating system version 7.1 or a later one while it [...]

Fitness Match: Finding The Perfect Fitness Trainer using an iPhone

The world of fitness can be quite cruel for newcomers, since there are plenty of exercises to be learned and plenty of apparatuses to master. Furthermore, there is a clear distinction between weight lift training and aerobic activities. Fortunately, thanks to a new app called Fitness Match iPhone (and iPad) users now have the possibility [...]

Camper’s Helper for iOS: A Camper’s Best Friend

Camper’s Helper is an iOS app which is perfect for those who enjoy traveling but would rather opt for the beauty of nature instead of the comfort of a hotel. This app was designed specifically for camping lovers in US and Canada, featuring over 55,000 reference points that represent campgrounds or rest areas. Thus, regardless [...]

FaceDubb – A Perfect App for Enhancing Video Selfies

Everyone loves a good selfie or an interesting personalized video. Now, by using an iPhone app called FaceDubb, this idea can be expanded further to bring about even more interesting and entertaining results. The basic concept of this app is to provide its users with the next level of sharing video selfies, where the users [...]

Myrtle – Easiest Way to Share Photos from One Single Location

With the latest developments in technology, mobile phones have become crucial photo capturing and photo sharing devices. However, a difficulty can arise when you want to share that photo with a large group of friends in an event. This is where Myrtle comes in, it is a handy app that lets you share photos with [...]

Bob and Bobek: The Ice Hockey Game for Kids

  There are not many iOS hockey games, which manage to captivate through design and simplicity. However, Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey is a game, which achieves this performance. The game features official characters from Mr. Vladimir Jiranek, being a perfect opportunity for kids to have fun while having nothing better to do. It comes [...]

Yahoo Wants You To Let Go of Your Yahoo Password

New Move a Step Forward in On-Demand Accessibility, But Is It More Secure? Yahoo announced towards the middle of last month the introduction of a new, opt-in system for users to feel more secure: it has created a password-less entry system. Yes, you read that correctly. Yahoo created the new system in the hope that [...]

FlowerChecker, plant identification – A Perfect App for All Nature Lovers

The great natural outdoors represent a truly fantastic place. In the nature, people have a chance to reconnect with their original habitat and feel its immense power to impress and inspire them. This opportunity is, sadly, becoming rarer as many forms of urban jungle continue to conquer the natural environment. In this process, many technologies [...]

Wear Reader: Reading Books the Easy Way

Wear Reader is a new type of app intended specifically for Apple Watch. It is designed as to revolutionize the manner in which people read books, allowing individuals to read the text at a pre-set pace by flashing the words and showing them exactly what needs to be read at a certain time. This operation [...]

Dreamy Photo HD – The Impressive Way to Get Unique Digital Photos

Many times, in TV shows, magazines, and movies, people can see incredible photos, which look as if they were not made in reality. These images often have a soft feel to them, along with shadows and lights, which make any photo subject, glow as if they were soaked in some incredible visual atmosphere. On the [...]