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Experience Video Shopping on Visho

I love to shop and this time it was for a surprise gift for my husband. Our anniversary was coming up and I was trying to get him something out of the ordinary. A friend of mine suggested I take a look at an app named Visho. She said it had cool stuff that I [...]

Buddypass: An iOS App That Allows Meeting New Friends

Buddypass is a relatively new app for iOS which is designed as to allow users to chat with new people, make new friends and even create a meetup plan. It is an ideal app for socialization, providing key characteristics such as distance between users (in Kms), groups based on interests (chat, coffee, sports, trips, etc.) [...]

Magic Colors: A Game to put the Brain to Test

Magic Colors is a newly released iOS game that challenges users to fit certain block shapes in the given form. The game starts easily and even provides a tutorial, yet increases in difficulty with each new level. Game’s objective is to align geometrical figures and form the hexagon as indicated in the upper corner image. [...]

Milestone: Apple Breaks the $700 Billion Barrier

On February 11, Apple became the first American company to be valued at $710 Billion, an unprecedented level of growth. Apple CEO Tim Cook was reported to respond noting the company was hitting its stride. The news comes after the explosive sales of iPhones in 4th quarter 2014, with revenue of $74.6 billion on the [...]

Be Safe while Driving: Auto Law Pro

I have a son who is 18 and drives his own car to run errands for the family. Though I am quite confident of his driving skills, the thought of him driving around on a road that’s often filled by many who disobey traffic rules makes me worry. To help solve the issue, I downloaded [...]

PicsArt Photo Studio: Create Artistic Pictures & Share them with the World

Are you one of those people who loves to take pictures and style them according to your mood? You would probably want to give PicsArt Photo Studio a try. I love taking pictures as they give me everlasting memories. This was regularly practiced by my mum, and now I see the importance of the pictures [...]

Documents Free: A Handy Mobile Office Suite that Helps You Work On the Go!

I own a small architectural firm and have a small, but dedicated team of experts who help me in running the show. Most of the time I happen to be out of town and away from my PC and laptop, hence accessing files is always a difficulty. I was looking for an app that will [...]

Apple Watch – Technology Meets High-end Fashion

Tim Cook (CEO of Apple Inc.) presents the most anticipated product of the recent decades – the Apple Watch. Science fiction meets real science while geek brains fire up with excited neurons. Powered by the brand-new S1 processor, Apple Watch quickly became a hotly debated piece of technology in the press and amongst tech gurus. [...]

Test Your Planning Skills with Jumpin’ Cubes!

I love playing games, and when I find a gaming app that kindles my interest I have got to try it right away! Jumpin’ Cubes is a lovely board game created on the gaming strategy of the legendary C64 classic. I was surprised to know that the game has been programmed by the same person [...]

Super Japanese Crosswords: A Fun and Educative Game for iOS

The best mobile game is one that has extensive reach, constant usage, challenges one’s mental prowess, titillates the senses, and eats up free time excitingly. Some will declare that the description pretty much sums up the Super Japanese Crosswords games. Considering the positive touts the games has been attracting ever since its release in February [...]