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a12 – A Powerful App for the Early Education

During the process of growing up, learning the crucial skills like reading, writing and calculating are paramount for any child. These abilities, although taken for granted by many people, are the basis of successful early education. During this period, the children who master them without problem will be more likely to produce better results in [...]

Word Fit Puzzle: An Exciting Crossword Challenge that lets You Learn while You Play!

This is the kind of app that you must try whether you are a crossword addict or not. I am a foreigner in China, and I’m looking to learn the local language as quickly as possible. This would mean reading many books, talking to the locals “a lot” to pick up on words and phrases [...]

The Incredible Tiles 2048: A Remake Of The Classic 2014 Game

The Incredible Tiles 2048 is an iOS title developed by Go Games Ltd., being compatible with both iPhone and iPad. This game follows the lead of the classic 2048 game where player’s objective was to add numbers on vertical or horizontal tiles for reaching higher sums on one tile, up to 2048. The Incredible Tiles [...]

AstoundSound Music Player – An App for a 3D Listening Experience

Music is a global phenomenon. It has the power to move people and engage them like a few other art forms in the world. It can transcend boundaries and cultures; thanks to that, music continues to be one of the most important forms of entertainment and artistic expression in every corner of the globe. In [...]

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can): Wake Up Effectively with this iPhone Alarm App

Mobile devices like mobile phones come with their own alarms, but they have limited features. Nowadays, new iPhone apps like Alarmy (SleepIf U Can) comes with numerous features that make alarms more useful and effective for users. Developed by the Delight RoomCo.,Ltd., the app Alarmy (SleepIf UCan) is a well-regarded alarm app because of its [...]

Looksie Scavenger Hunt: It’s Always Different

One of the more unique games available in iPhone nowadays, Looksie is a scavenger hunt app that encourages people to go out, meet new friends, and have fun all at the same time. Concept The concept of Looksie is simply yet incredibly engaging. Promoting a real-life scavenger hunt, it allows iPhone users to set up [...]

music BLEEPER: The App Which Can Automatically Censor Songs

Given that many of the songs featured on the Internet and on media today feature uncensored lyrics, kids need to be protected by the negative effect such music could have on them. music BLEEPER is an iOS app designed for this purpose. Once installed, the app works in the background and eliminates up to 91 [...]

Create Awesome Playlists for all Occasions with Swizzle

Music is a universal language, and there is not a person I have met who says no to music. Everyone, from children to the elderly, likes to listen to a tune once in a while. Music is food for the soul, and I tend to develop a liking for anything that can bring me closer [...]

Topo’s Piano – A Fun Interactive Book App for Children

Creating an effective app for little kids is often more challenging than it seems. While children might seem as a very simple audience, their specific requirements demand a somewhat different approach when it is compared to the development of regular apps for grownups. This means that producing an excellent application for mobile devices requires a [...]

Miss.Gkosan ‘s (Zico’s) Charm(co03) – Fortune Telling Fun

Not exactly a game, Miss.Gkosan ‘s (Zico’s) Charm(co03) offers a wonderful insight to the fortune of Apple users to keep them entertained, optimistic, and forward-driven every day. Available through iTunes, this particular program seems to be getting good reviews and massive attention from users. But what exactly does it offer? Concept The idea is to [...]