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Cool Comment.s Free – An App that Enhances Communication

Communication is something that was completely revolutionized in the last two decades. With the invention and the spread of the Internet, everyone all over the world got the opportunity to get in touch with the rest of the global community. Lately, as mobile devices become even more accessible, communication continues to flourish even further. With [...]

Swingbot: Golf Swing Video Analysis Coach – The Surest Way to a Perfect Swing

For many golf players, both those who are new to the game and those who have been playing it for years, some swings often seem impossible. It might appear that it does not matter how much time they spend on the courts, or how much effort they exert into it; that key swing they are [...]

iMailG for Secure Gmail and Google Apps – A Great Email Management App

 In the contemporary world, the communication technology continues to advance in every possible direction. The necessity of staying in touch is fueling these advancements, and every year, it seems as if completely new ways of getting connected are developed. But, as this trend continues, some older means of communication continue to be as relevant as [...]

Shadow Fight 2 – A Thrilling Fight Game

The genre of fighting games carries a very long tradition. Several decades ago, when arcade gaming machines ruled the world of video games, these action packed releases could be found everywhere. Later, with the age of home gaming consoles and personal computers, their popularity continued to grow and the genre itself continued to develop. Because [...]

RelaxBook Nature – A Great Relaxation App Based on Sounds

Feeling stressed out to a lot of people seems like a regular state of beings. There is no doubt that the modern world helps solidify this feeling and makes it even stronger and stronger as the years go by. Too many individual, in every country in the world, it looks like worry and troubles are [...]

Tally Board – A Fast and Fun Puzzle App

Mathematics and logic are not the first things which come to mind when it comes to gaming applications. Math has the reputation of something which is hard or boring, and most people are happy when they forget it after they finish school. But, in spite of this, the fact is that math offers and incredibly [...]

Fox Tales: Rocket Run – A Fast Action-Packed Game for iOS

Built on the classic arcade-game style, Fox Tales: Rocket Run takes players through an incredible journey right on their iPhone or iPad. In order to successfully finish this game players need to take control of a fox called “Kizu” which has a rocket striped to his back. This makes the fox fly extremely fast but [...]

Healthy Living 101 – An App for a Healthier Lifestyle

In the past decades, medicine has made substantial advancement in virtually every field. From general medical issues of specific disease and numerous ways of extending life expectancy, there is no doubt that the modern technology greatly enhanced the knowledge about the health. Yet, in spite of this fact, many important challenges remain to be solved [...]

Value: A Quality Personal Finance Manager for iPhone

Since prices increase constantly and unplanned expenses can occur at anytime, more and more people find themselves in need for a dedicated personal finance app. This kind of app helps keep track of daily expenses, plan a monthly budget, set maximum limits for specific duties (bills, car gas, shopping, etc.) and more. Value, a new [...]

ShadowPain – An Immersive RPG App

Role playing games always were a great source of entertainment for any gamer. These games are today often called RPG for short, and they became famous even before the age of personal computers, when they were played using pen and paper in long sessions. In these games, the players could lead their characters through magical [...]