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Have Entertaining Conversations with GIF Explorer

A GIF adds spice to a conversation. Whether you use it in your messages or in casual chats on social media, a GIF has the power to draw everyone’s attention. Even though words do suffice, there’s nothing that can beat a timely GIF. When it hits the screen, it’ll have people rolling with laughter on [...]

Newzle: Stay Updated on the Go with the Latest News

I love to keep myself updated with everything that’s happening around me. This is a habit instilled by my mother, and has been a practice since I was ten. I can still remember those days when I could speak about politics like it was a story about my neighbor and talk about sports as if [...]

Compete in Media Contests on Cscade

I love taking pictures and trying different photography styles. It has become so much of a passion that I took the trouble of flying to Africa to take some unique shots. Looking at the dedication I show towards my hobby, a friend of mine suggested an app named Cscade. Cscade has a group of users [...]

CheapCharts: Less Expensive iTunes Music

iPhone is certainly not a cheap device, so it’s no wonder that many users nowadays are looking for ways to save money when purchasing music from iTunes Store. CheapCharts, a new iPhone app, has been created specifically for this purpose. The app is capable of analyzing price streams continuously and suggesting discounts to users based [...]

Send Out Push Notifications to Collect Real-time Images from around the Globe

A pretty famous concert was going on in town and I was all excited about it. My friends and I tried everything possible to get our hands on the tickets. The point is that it was first come, first served and you had to stand in the line, even if that required waiting for hours [...]

Make Your Pranks Seem Real with Fun-o-meter

I love pulling pranks on people; the ones that aren’t dangerous, of course. What’s life without some fun? I recently added a new app to my game plan to help me step up my mischief. The app’s called ‘Fun-o-meter’ by Apperdashery LLC, and can be used yank people’s chains. Yeah! I can be a devil [...]

Review of Oilfield Calendar App for iPhone

The Oilfield Calendar app is a tool for the oilfield worker seeking to try and manage time and ensure that they stay on top of everything that they are expected to. Oilfields are hard places to work and the demanding nature of these jobs can lead to one forgetting other important and urgent matters all [...]

Youji: The Modern Emoticons App

Youji is an app which boasts an entirely new functionality complex. The app works by promoting the usage of real photographs inside emoticons and smileys, thus giving users the possibility to express themselves more freely and without the option of being misunderstood. Thanks to custom emojis feelings such as Smile, Confused, Silly or Cool can [...]

Take a Picture and Call Dibs on Anything You Like with Dibby

Do you remember how it was when we were kids and how we used to play the game of calling dibs? Well, we are back to that experience all over again. I loved playing that game when I was young and had a lot of fun cheating my sister as we played. Now you get [...]

Travel, Check-In, Make Friends, & Share Experiences on ShutterBee

Are you a frequent traveler? If you are, ShutterBee is an app that you might want to have a look into. ShutterBee by Auslogics can be used as a tool to save your travel experiences, create memories, and also share them with the world. You can also use the app to make new friends! I [...]