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Budget Sense – The Ultimate Tool for Personal Finance Management

Managing personal finance has always been a daunting task, mainly because of the multitude of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Now, mobile devices can change this for good because they are practically always with their users, no matter where they go or what they do. If a mobile device is combined with [...]

Sozial Connect: All Social Accounts in One Place

Sozial Connect is a new iPhone app designed for those who are tired of following all social media accounts separately. What it does is to provide users with a gateway to following multiple social networks, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. The app is capable of following everything, from new uploads to friends’ shares and recommendations. [...]

Animate Photos with Jelly Shot iPhone App

Nothing beats taking an image with your phone’s camera when it comes to capturing the magic of the moment. However, there are times when a simple picture cannot do. Sometimes, it takes more than a two-dimensional picture to make you remember but the idea of taking things on video can become too long and might [...]

EMT Buddy App: The Medical App for iPhone

EMT Buddy App is an app used to store essential data about patients, which can be successfully used later on. All the data that is gone into the application is recorded into a log connected with every occurrence, which are spared until they’re no more required. Content and voice notes are easily added to this [...]

MultiTimer – An App that Allows for Measuring Time on a New Level

Timers are a regular feature of all mobile devices, but many of these include just the most basic time measuring apps, which are often the same as they were several years ago. But now, by having the MultiTimer app, users can receive a powerful system that can measure several periods of time at once and [...]

iNet Pro: Quality Network Scanner for iPhone

iNet is a new app dedicated to users who wish to find out more about the traffic that is going into a network as well as all connected devices and accessories. iNet provides intel about systems that an iPhone / iPod touch is associated with. Its simple and easy to understand and even permits the [...]

BlueChatBox – A Versatile Chat and Video Communication App

In the endless sea of messaging and communication apps, it is not an easy task to produce a platform that has a really appeal to the end users. BlueChatBox is one of those rare examples of how an elegant, simplistic design and a strong commitment to the usability can make an excellent mobile device application. [...]

STEP – An App that Packs a Serious Photo Editing Punch

Today, everyone carries a mobile device in their pocket, and with it, a very powerful camera. Many times, people see incredible photos made by an iPhone and wonder why they cannot do the same. Now, there is an app that will change this forever. This app is called STEP and it brings about a revolution [...]

Is the HTC One M9 Worth It Compared to the M8?

  Even HTC’s Social Media Department Couldn’t Tell the Difference   While there are a number of reasons to consider the M9 over the M8, appearance isn’t one of them: HTC’s social media department had a bit of confusion showing pics of an M8 while advertising an M9. The two phones look nearly identical, and [...]

Bricks Breaker – Friends: Action-packed Title for iOS

Bricks Breaker – Friends is a new app, which aims to revolutionize the mobile ‘brick breakers’ industry. The app gives players the opportunity to experience amazing powerups, cute characters, several extra rewards on the side, and daily enticing missions. Transition between levels is done so smoothly, that one can barely notice it. Furthermore, thanks to [...]