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Lion Chief: Guide the Lion to Safety through the Jungle

I was looking for a game that’s fun and entertaining when I found Lion Chief. At first, I thought it was just another game for kids, but as I continued to play I found that the experience was a lot interesting and exciting. The game is about a lion that is looking to find its [...]

iOS 9 is Released

The Operating System Offers Clever, Seamless Enhancements to Make Life Easier iOS 9, Apple’s newest major system upgrade, is impressive across the board, but a quick glance at it wouldn’t make you see it at all. In fact, the improvements are largely invisible from the main screen, but can be clearly grasped as the user [...]

I Like Nice Things – A Wallpaper App for Art Lovers

Often, the simplest things in life are those which are the most effective, especially in the domain of visual arts and visual content in general. The same notion has been proven correct time and time again, mostly because many people find a distinctive beauty in simplicity. I Like Nice Things is a mobile device app [...]

Meet Taxi MOE, The New Martian Taxi Game App To Invade the Planet and Your iPhones

If you have a knack for maneuvering vehicles like taxis into a very adventurous path that sometimes verge on dangerous or if you’re simply a thrill seeker always seeking for fun, then you’ll most definitely love the new taxi game iPhone app, Taxi MOE – Martian Invades The Planet. Concept and Theme: The Taxi MOE [...]

Flo Music: A One-of-a-Kind Social Playlist

In this day and age of interconnectivity, people share just about anything that they like or catch their fancy. With that said, many would agree that music is one of the most important things that we should immediately be able to impart to our friends. It’s no surprise then that Flo Music was conceived and [...]

The Relaxation Experience – An App-Based Powerful Relaxation System

Using technology to find new ways for relaxation is not something new, but now, with the use of powerful mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, this initiative can be elevated to a brand new level. The Relaxation Experience is a mobile device app designed for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch, which operate [...]

Facebook has YouTube in Its Crosshairs

The Company is Making Direct Moves into the Video Space with the Goal of Dethroning YouTube Facebook is making serious advances in video in the hope of finally delivering a blow strong enough to knock YouTube off of its perch as the leader in video storage and distribution.  The company has revealed a plan in [...]

Esna Agenda: Make Your Remote Meetings and Collaborations Easy and Stress-Free

Daily meetings are an integral part of your day-to-day work pattern. This is why as much as possible, you shouldn’t have to put up with hassles that, more often than not, cause you to be late for the said meetings, or worse, not be able to attend them at all. For instance, is it really [...]

Redbooth: Innovating Speed, Communication, and Mobility in Today’s Workplace

Project management software are all the buzz nowadays, due to the way that they are clearly revolutionizing the way teams can easily work together in any time or place. However, very few are actually able to serve as a sole place from which a team can work, chat, and share files. And, the app, which [...]

Dynetix Fitness – A Brilliant Exercise Tracking Device

Dynetix Fitness is one of those applications that clearly show how far has technology advanced the area of fitness and exercise, especially when it comes to measuring activity. What was once the privilege of only the top athletes and sports competitors is now accessible to anyone using an iPhone or an Apple Watch. Available on [...]