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YIX: An Incredibly Fun Game To Play With Friends

YIX is a newly-released iPhone title which promises to bring utmost fun to the users. And in most part it manages to. The app concept is entirely new, users being required to match a funny GIF with the phrase that selected by their friends. So if, for example, one chooses the phrase “The Sky is [...]

WorldMessage – A Great App For Chatting And Sharing With Friends

The world of instant messaging is full of different apps that offer almost the same features to users. They are all chat applications which can be used to communicate with other users across the world. Through these apps, we can share videos, photos and other files without paying a single sent in sms charges, except [...]

Ultimate Next – All in One Calendar: A Great Scheduling App for iOS

Ultimate Next – All in One Calendar is a new work schedule app for iPhone and iPad which comes with many improved features over the default calendar app in iOS. Keeping track of an upcoming project or a friend’s birthday is now much simpler thanks to the intuitive layout of Ultimate Next, which also comes [...]

Simple Ball – An Elegant And Engaging Puzzle Game App

Since the time video gaming began, puzzle games were one of the leading genres. These kinds of games do not call for fast reflexes or incredible graphics. Instead, they are designed and built so that they activate the thinking processes in their players who need to find solutions for different problems. Even now, many decades [...]

Noblo: A Challenging Puzzle Game

Noblo is a newly released game which belongs to the Puzzle category on iOS. Being compatible with both iPhone and iPad, the game challenges players to discover the easiest way in which they can clear the table of mauve dots. The concept is very simple, gamers being required to swipe the dot in such manner [...]

Scanbot PDF & QR Scanner: A Fast And Efficient Mobile Scanner For iOS7 Or Later

There has never been scarcity for iOS scanning apps. In fact since the camera quality of the iPhone got better(with the iPhone 4 and 4s), iOS scanners exploded into the market because developers could benefit from the splendid touch interface as well as quality camera of these smart phones. If you’ve been using other scanning [...]

Pixel Cup Soccer: Maracanazo Crush Brazil – A Sports Game for all Soccer Fans

2014 is definitely a fantastic year for soccer, and millions of its fans all over the world. With the current competition in Brazil, there is plenty of exciting action while the national teams from every continent compete for the chance to become the best nation in the most popular sport on the planet. Batovi Games [...]

QuizFace: Celeb Picture Trivia Quiz – A Game For Those Who Can Easily Recognize Their Stars

QuizFace: Celeb Picture Trivia Quiz is a type of game who aims to test the knowledge interested in the musical and entertainment industry. Featuring various international artists, the game tests players’ knowledge by displaying various morphed image of the singers or stars and then providing the challenge to guess their names. It’s easy to download [...]

Legend of Tell – A Swiss Folk Hero in a Digital Adventure

Great games are distinctive and successful because of different reasons; one of them is definitely an interesting story. Often, it seems like many game design studios are just recycling the same basic games over and over, and every time fail to tell an immersive story which will really draw the players in their world. Pixcube [...]

Qrafter Pro: A Quality Barcode Reader and Creator for iOS

Starting with iOS 7, Apple introduced the Barcode Reader feature for all its devices, which is available simply by accessing the default camera. However, the native app that Apple provides lacks advanced functionality and is not compatible for those using an earlier iOS version. Thus, the best solution in this case remains using a third [...]