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Fuel Burner – Fun Strategic Challenging Game!

Fuel Burner app from the game designer, Richard Roberts is available free in the iTunes App Store. The game concept is to ensure helicopters land before running out of fuel. It is a challenging game with strategic demands on players with 25 levels progressively getting more difficult. Playing is easy by starting to fly helicopters [...]

gTasks HD Pro: The Perfect iOS App for Planning Tasks

gTasks HD Pro is an iOS app designed specifically for users who wish to accomplish more tasks on a day-by-day basis and to be reminded each time an important (pre-set) event takes place. The app is useful in a variety of conditions such as planning shopping lists, keeping track of friends’ birthday events, creating new [...]

Sound Touch Lite: The Perfect Educational App For Kids

Sound Touch Lite is an app designed specifically for toddlers and kids who want to learn more about the world surrounding people and the different sounds featured in nature. The app comes with a collection of flashcards which are triggered by a simple tap; revealing real-life photos of different creatures, instruments or house-hold items. Each [...]

KitCamera iPhone App is The Best Photo/Video App You Can Ever Use On Your Phone

  Have you seen people creating quality photos and videos using their iPhone? They are most likely using this application, KitCamera, which is currently creating a buzz in the smartphone pic industry. So if you have an iOS device, rest assured that you can download it any minute from now and start enjoying the fruits [...]

Sailing School – A Perfect App for Sailing Knowledge

For the past hundreds of years, sailing has been and still is a very exciting activity. Many centuries ago, humanity began to spread trade and commerce across the globe thanks to the mighty sailing ships that transported goods and people all over the globe. Without it, the world today would be a much different place, [...]

Kids-Zone – Ideal Video App for Children

As most parents know, providing entertainment for children is often a daunting task. Unsuitable or low-quality TV program and other factors like these ones mean that it is not recommended to put a child in front of a TV set and expect that entertainment will come to them. Also, many hours spent in front of [...]

A Review of WritePad Pro: An Enhanced iOS Note Taking App

iPhones and iPads are undoubtedly one of the most advanced gadgets on the market, providing plenty of features to its users in terms of scheduling, planning, resource managing and more. However, in spite of this, some users still think that something is missing when it comes to the note taking process. Default notepad functionality is [...]

MEKS iPhone App: A Simple to Manage Social Network App

Social networking is one of the reasons why many people invest on portable devices like Apple. With all the social media platforms available, numerous users want to have a complete social media experience in one iPhone app. MEKS stands out as one of the best options today that meet these requirements. Concept: Developed by MEKS [...]

Vent – Get it off your chest: Don’t Take Your Frustrations Out On Others

Have you ever seen people ranting and raving on Facebook and Twitter? They are wrong because they are unleashing their anger at the wrong place and on the wrong people. The two social network platforms we just mentioned are not the best place to do that, so you are only bound to get even more [...]

Cool Comment.s Free – An App that Enhances Communication

Communication is something that was completely revolutionized in the last two decades. With the invention and the spread of the Internet, everyone all over the world got the opportunity to get in touch with the rest of the global community. Lately, as mobile devices become even more accessible, communication continues to flourish even further. With [...]