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Vintape – An Analog Music Experience on Your High-End iOS Device

Are you looking for a trendy music player that can satisfy your vintage taste? Here is an app named Vintape to meet your musical needs. This iPhone app, developed by BegSrl, is sure to take you back to the time when you couldn’t live without your Walkman and cassettes!   Vintape is a simple music [...]

Flashback – Amaze Your Friends & Family with Striking Montages of Special Moments

Have you been disappointed about not being able to capture photos and video simultaneously on your iOS device? There’s an app that lets you do just that! Surprised? Flashback lets you capture the best moments of your life as photos, videos and montages, and comes with plenty of flexible editing options that photo maniacs will [...]

VidOn Player – A Handy Tool to Play all Types of Media Files on Your iPhone

Do you find it cumbersome to use separate apps to play files of different media formats? I recently found an app named VidOn Player in the App Store. This app can stream and manage all kinds of media files – movies, T. V shows and images. Once you install VidOn Player, you are taken to [...]

Shuffler Game: Great Puzzle Game App for Your Entertainment Needs

Puzzle games are the most enjoyable games among the other famous game apps today. I find them good choices for spending my leisure time. Shuffler Game is currently among the high rated puzzle games for Apple devices. Developed by QNELL, Shuffler Game offers a range of puzzle game selection. It follows the same rule like [...]

Mummies Escape – Drown Deep Into Ancient Mummifying Action [Exclusive]

Just because the fourth season of The Walking Dead is over, it doesn’t mean you have to live with its hangover until October when it finally resumes with the fifth season. Relinquish those dismal thoughts and start to pave the concrete pavements again. And if you still can’t get enough of zombie smashing action, then [...]

Flappy and Chum – A Tap-to-Fly Game with Twice the Fun!

Are you one of those game fanatics looking for an app that could fill the void left by Flappy Bird? You would be delighted to try this game called Flappy and Chum which is about two zealous birds determined to get across obstacles which come their way. This two player game has simple tap controls [...]

Voice Search for Spotify – Find Your Favorite Songs Using Only Your Voice

The amazing new Voice Search for Spotify app is set to quickly become the number one convenience app for the hottest music player around right now. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and optimized for iPhone 5 and helps you find new music in the blink of an eye.  As fast as you can [...]

Final Dusk – A Spooky Vampire Adventure With Strategic Action

Have you ever imagined making friends with vampires? Here is your chance to help a vampire princess get back her kingdom. Final Dusk is an action-packed vampire game with a lot of dark magic. The game requires strategic planning, swift action, and smart combat and defense techniques to fight against a deadly witch and her [...]

Enjoy Infinite Tap-to-Float Action with Happy Flappy Candy Pro

Have you ever imagined a candy ball in flight? The idea may seem out of the ordinary, but that’s what Happy Flappy Candy Pro is about. This colorful game with tap-to-float action requires a great sense of timing, precise judgment and perfect hand-eye coordination. If you a person who enjoys arcade games with infinite gameplay, [...]

Sherlock: Interactive Adventure – A Digital Version of Conan Doyle’s Masterpiece

Despite many T.V adaptations and film versions, Arthur Conan Doyle’s popular book, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1891), continues to attract readers all around the world. Have you wondered what it would be like to be a part of Sherlock Holmes’ detective adventures set in the 19th century? Try an e-book named Sherlock: Interactive Adventure [...]