SpeechTrans German English Translator App Review

There are hundreds of global languages, which restricts interactions with other nationalities. With many translation software available in the market, nothing really looks to be an effective translator. But that’s not the case with SpeechTrans German to English translator an iPhone app, which offer a handy tool to translate English text to German. The app not only translates text, but it also has voice translation from English to German.

speechtrans iPhone app review

The concept behind the app is to translate from English to German. Looks like a simple feature, but the app works really well to translate the text or voice from English to German. To try out how the translation work, I inputted some text to be translated to German. The result are not that impressive as I could hear some noise along with the voice, but its quite better than other translation softwares. Then while recording, your English should be clear to let the app capture your voice to translate. If you in a noisy background and trying to translate, the app gives a pretty normal output. Actually no apps can work perfect at noisy background.

There are some inbuilt features that are really impressive. “Email recording” and “Email translation” result helps you to email your recorded and text translation. The other two option are “View saved translations” and “Buy Translations”. I haven’t given a try for “Buy transcription” since it includes purchasing, but the “View saved translations” are handy to have a look at all our previous translations. Additionally you can post the translations on Facebook and Twitter.

Overall SpeechTrans is your pocked translator for English to German, which is really a necessity if you are in German or if you have a German girlfriend!(lol). Priced at $19.99, this really makes me think, however if you really need English to German translator, go get this for your iPhone.

Cost: $19.99

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Jef01 says:

    Looks great, but just bought Trippo VoiceMagix with 2.99 and it translates speech into more than 20 languages. Easy choice, right?

    • yan says:

      have you ever heard the saying you get what you pay for? well it definetly applies in this situation. The reason SpeechTrans is this price is because its the best Bi-Directional speech to speech translator with multiple language speech recognition. trippo only allows voice input in the english language, therefore it cannot compare to SpeechTrans.

      • Jef01 says:

        Come on, that's a rip off and you know it. I checked you have several products 6-20 USD per language pair and yet you need to pay more for using it. You won't get even close to Trippo functionality in terms of language support even if I buy all your products with close to 100 USD. And still you need to pay more for translations separately, that's rip off. In fact I think you're using even same speech recognition.

  2. Edward says:

    Guys i have tried both Trippo as well as SpeechTrans and of course there is no way for a comparison between both these. Even though Trippo comes for a low cost, as previously said it accepts the English input only which is not good for a translator kind of app. According to me i will give more priority to the quality of the app instead of its cost. And of course i can say SpeechTrans is a worth buy for its accuracy and quality delivering on the translation.

  3. Ursula says:

    I checked itunes for Speechtrans Ultimate. I thought, hey, not bad for $20. the product seems great. I'll be living in a Spanish Speaking place and no hablas espanol.

  4. kliknij says:

    I found this board and I find It truly useful it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

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