Geometry Stash – An Ultimate Guide For Geometry Lessons

Geometry is not an easy subject to learn for many and one can see many Mathematics teachers struggling in the classrooms to teach. However, for teachers and students there are no options as it is one important part of Mathematics. I found an app that could help people deal with Geometry theorems.

Geometry Stash

Geometry Stash is an iPhone app that comes loaded with tons of theorems, postulates, and corollaries. It presents them as a huge list in the alphabetical order, where users can search and select the one they want. It displays the search results as users type. After selecting a theorem, users could see the diagram at the bottom or at the left side of the screen. However, they can close it, if they don’t want it to see. Just by shaking the device, users can get it appeared and disappeared. This app supports both landscape and portrait modes, however,the portrait mode looks fine for me.

Geometry Stash doesn’t have any problems or solutions. This app provides guidance for the theorems that users need to solve. As the diagrams are presented in a clear and neat manner, this app could be a refreshing alternative for the textbooks. It has no animations or hard-to-master controls. Just tap on a theorem and know what it is. There is a handy video out feature to help teachers extend diagrams to external devices such as televisions or project them in classrooms.

If you love your Maths, you can give Geometry Stash a try. This app could also help high school kids learn Geometry.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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