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ShutOff Control and ShutOff Dependent: Take Better Control of Your Child’s Mobile Usage

 It is fact that any mobile device, whether it be an iOS tablet or Android phone, pretty much offers a lot of things that a person could ever need in getting through today’s modern day to day routine. Apps of varying purpose and features, designed for entertainment or practical uses, are available at large. Truly, [...]

nPlayer – An App that Brings a New Level of Media Playback and Connectivity

 Modern mobile devices are great, but a lot of times, they end up frustrating their users because they provide all this content, but much of it cannot be accessed by the set of regular apps. These leaves users with video, music and many other types of data that they desire to enjoy and consume, but [...]

FullControl – An App that Places and Universal Remote Control Right on a Mobile Device

 Remote control devices are a great invention, but now, with the use of mobile device apps, they can become even more useful and flexible. Using an iPhone or an iPad, there is no need to have a physical remote controller which constantly gets misplaced or lost. Instead, with an app called FulIControl, this possibility can [...]

4our Dots – Dots and Boxes: A Modern Take to a Classic Pen and Paper Game

 The Dots and Boxes game concept (otherwise known as Pigs and Pens and Paddocks) has been around for more than a century and has been enjoyed by numerous generations through the years. Part of its appeal could possibly be attributed to its simple rules and mechanics. That, plus the fact that it is similar to [...]

BroadTags – An App that Seamlessly Fuses Hashtags and Social Media

 Today, social media outlets are so important that any product which allows them to be consumed and utilized in a slightly better way receives plenty of attention. BroadTags is an app for the Apple mobile devices, but it does not simply provide a small enhancement to the social media realm. Instead, it utilizes its features [...]

Fall Frenzy: Fall All the Way to the Top in This Quirky iOS Game

 Very few games that introduce fresh and original concepts in bizarre and eccentric ways ever earn the admiration, much less attention, of most conventional gamers. Fall Frenzy could very well be one of those “happy few” games because of its absolutely engrossing albeit remarkably offbeat concept. In this game, you are tasked with guiding your [...]

iStudiez Pro: The Ultimate Student Planner App for the Astute Scholar

The pressure of school work may not be apparent at the start of every academic year, but most students prepare for it with the usual dose of expectation, deliberation (and dread, even), that would serve as their driving force until the school term ends. Indeed, there’s no harm in planning beforehand how you want your [...]

Gameit – A Puzzle App feature Contests with Real Prizes and Discounts

One of the life’s simple fact is that everyone loves prizes. This notion is equally true for every generation and for every culture on the face of the planet. Unfortunately, because of a multitude of reasons, not everyone can get prizes all the time. Instead, people are taught to believe from an early age that [...]

Apple’s Watch Sales are Dropping

While No Hard Numbers, Estimates Demand Way Below Production The Apple Watch is falling far beneath industry expectations, and that’s not good news. Despite a lot of early buzz and interest in the device, demand for the Apple Watch seems to have completely fizzled out altogether– a surprise given the early public fascination with the [...]

Trippeo – The Ultimate App for Tracking Expenses

Following personal expenses throughout everyday events and occasions is often really difficult. Instead of being in control, the money seems to constantly slip in and out of a banking account, while a person pays for a multitude of goods and services during the course of any given day of the week. The same process often [...]